Sandy from Brampton, Ontario , Canada – “I want to thank you for introducing me to Dan, for taking the chance and contacting another matchmaker and opening up your business to her in order to find someone for me.   I just
returned from a two weeks stay in Jamaica, which was an impromptu suggestion on my part and we had a fabulous time together. We flowed through the two weeks as though we had known each other five years. Both of us were surprised how well we get along.  For my part there are just so many things about Dan that I admire and of course our physical chemistry is thrilling :). He
is someone I hope to spend a long long time with.”


Shanna from Kingston – “Things are progressing really well! I still totally like him so that’s a good sign :). It’s both of our busy season, so meeting up has been a bit difficult, but we talk almost every day and spend time together when we can. I’m really positive it’s going in the right direction. Thanks again for finding him!”

Vicky from Westmoreland – “We are going on the 4th date!”

Tiffany from Montego Bay – “Marks seems like a really great guy and a good catch.  I’d like to see where this goes.”

Alison from Kingston – “I really like him. Already! He’s everything I’ve looked for – funny,
smart, athletic, tall…such a good match!”

Dana from Kingston – “I have only met Rob once. We are getting together again this week. We seem to get along great (fingers crossed).
I guess I will have a better sense after this week.

I am sure I am probably breaking some kind of “The Singles Club 876 rule” but I am still seeing Gary too. They are polar opposites.

Gary is very sweet and kind but painfully shy and quiet. It is a good thing I like to talk or there would be a whole lot of silence (lol).

Rob on the other hand, is confident, bordering on cocky. We have lots in common and talk on the phone almost everyday.

Enjoy your week.

Steve from Saint Catherine – “It’s going so well it’s hard to believe.  I can’t thank you guys enough.”

Adrian from Spanish Town – “She was impressive, very attractive, and we have a lot in common with our jobs, background etc.  I thought the conversation was great… she is an extraordinarily intelligent woman.  We’ve set up dinner on Saturday already for a second date to see where things go from there.

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