We value our client and social member's privacy and confidentiality. We guarantee personal information will never be given out without the express written permission of the individual.

We only send your first name and some basic information to the person you are being introduced to. Providing your last name or other more specific information to your introduction is left completely to your discretion. 


All personal information is totally private and discreet and is viewed internally by only the trusted professional  of the Club 876 staff. We treat all clients and social members equally with the same confidentiality and privacy.
The matches we choose for you are carefully screened and selected to match with your desires and expectations,

Through the use of a specialized pre-qualifying process, Club 876 gets to know you and your possible match very well, thereby introducing you to only the most eligible and compatible people.

You will quickly discover how stress-free and financially rewarding 

The Singles Club 876, experience can be, with little effort on your part..

Fees for our services are extremely affordable. Once you become a registered member you are guarantee to meet singles of the highest quality. Registration fee is non refundable    


* If we believe we are unable to secure matches for potential clients or we consider their expectations to be unrealistic, we reserve the right to refuse representation.

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