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The Singles Club 876's

Take your Dating experience to the next level..

We prepare our clients to be at their very best to meet their first potential match in order to make the right impression.  We are available to our clients throughout the entire process. We listen carefully to their insights after the date and provide them with feedback from their dates and our recommendation to help them not only to meet the right person, but to have a good chance to build a good connection with them.


We believe that immediate follow up, excellent communication and sensitivity to our clients' feelings, needs and emotions, are crucial in the process of defining the perfect match. The Singles Club 876, approach and commitment to find a  match (and not just a great date) is what makes us different from the rest of matchmaking companies.

We value our client and social member's privacy and confidentiality. We guarantee personal information will never be given out without the express written permission of the individual. All personal information is totally private and discreet. We treat all clients and social members equally with the same confidentiality and privacy.

We believe the relationship is all about how two romantic partners act in life’s prickly situations. It's their ability to create a good "fit. We encourage our clients to focus less on physical criteria and common interests, and more on a potential romantic partner's "relationship skills" or "emotional intelligence".

The lack of choices and limited exposure to people of your caliber and qualities is usually what prevents people to find what they want. As long as your expectations are reasonable, we can put all our energy to hunt for you best match, even if we have to go outside our database. We are here for you not to limit your expectations, but to help you to reach your goals.

With the highest degree of professional service and integrity, The Singles Club 876, is committed to:

Provide each individual client with the genuine attention, understanding and assistance they require to achieve their personal and social goals..

Provide each individual client with the finest personal service with exclusive, filtered, and qualified potential best-matches..

Provide an experience that enlivens the senses, instills well-being, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of their clients.  

 We are not a Dating Agency. We do not offer you a number game. You are only introduced to people who meet carefully selected, qualified, pre-screened high-caliber matched with similar goals, beliefs, ambitions, life style, personal requirement and taste.